About Aircall

What we're building

Built on top of the newest technologies for realtime communication (Websockets, WebRTC), Aircall brings to its customers a new approach for managing their business calls.

We're competing with traditional players (Orange, Vodafone...) and a few start-ups (TalkDesk, Dialpad, etc), but we have a unique vision of simplicity and collaboration applied to phone calls. We're about “Dropbox for calls” and we believe we can disrupt upside-down the telco industry.

Aircall at Techcrunch Disrupt

Our story

We launched officially in June 2015 and we now have 2,000 customers all over the world, from small agencies to large, grown-up startups, which use Aircall every day to run their business.

Incubated by the eFounders startup studio, we originally started in Paris, France. We joined 500 Startup's accelerator in San Francisco in Summer 2015, and raised over $10M funding from top-level investors. We have offices in Paris and NYC.

Current openings

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