DevOps Engineer (W/M)

Paris, France · Tech


Aircall is a web application based on the newest real-time communication technologies (Websockets, WebRTC), providing desktop phone service to support & sales teams.

Our Story:

We got our start in the eFounders studio, and officially launched in June 2015. We now have 2,000 customers all over the world who use Aircall every day to run their business (Uber, Deliveroo, Heetch, Tripndrive...). In 2016, we got $11M of funding from US & European Angels and VCs, after a successful journey at 500 Startup's accelerator in San Francisco (summer 2015). We now have beautiful offices in Paris & New York City!

Our Product:

Aircall brings to its customers a new approach for managing their business calls:

We're competing with traditional players (Orange, Vodafone...) and a few (mostly US) start-ups (TalkDesk, Switch, etc), but we have a unique vision of simplicity and collaboration applied to phone calls. If you want to know what features we’ve got planned, take a look at our public product roadmap. You may upvote the features you'd love to build, and so can each of our 10 000+ users.

Job description:

You'll be part of a 15-people tech team and involved in each of Aircall's infrastructure and scaling decisions. You will work with a Lead DevOps, expert on AWS, this opportunity will lead you to join a whole new team inside Aircall's tech team. You will work on Aircall's web infrastructure performance and ensure the reliability of the service by interacting with our numerous providers.

Here are the main tasks/responsibilities related to this position:

Aircall's current technical stack is the following:


You can send us your resume but we would like to see what you've already done first! Feel free to share links, projects, Github/Stackoverflow/Linkedin profiles and ideas!


If you get excited about living the startup experience and want to work in a friendly environment, with a great team, then feel free to contact us!

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